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Now You Can Apply For a Job at McDonald's on Snapchat

Plus Ina Garten meets Joffrey Baratheon and more food news to know

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  • Apply for a summer job at McDonald’s through the Snapchat app. No, really.
  • Here’s why Waffle House looks the way it does: “The design was inspired by local commercial real estate ordinances in the 1960s that based land costs and taxes on how much of the storefront faced the road, not on total square footage. [The founders and designers] went with a shoebox design that turned, so we could get a more narrow lot.”
  • Has the Golden State Warriors’ playoff run — and the near-ubiquity of its star Steph Curry — boosted curry sales at local restaurants? SFGate asks, then answers, that scintillating question: Nah, not really. (Congrats on the win anyway, Steph.)
  • Silicon Valley star TJ Miller is the guy getting hammered by himself on the Acela train from Boston to New York.
  • In “Cooking for Joffrey,” Ina Garten meets Game of Thrones.
  • WaPo restaurant critic Tom Sietsema is so annoyed by the lack of space between restaurant tables that he took a tape measurer to dinner with him.
  • And in critic news from across the pond, you can win a date with The Guardian’s critic Jay Rayner, known for his seriously harsh takes, on eBay.
  • Melbourne, Australia’s legendary Queen Victoria Market — one of the largest in the world and a huge tourist draw — is at a crossroads as city officials plan to modernize and rebuild some parts of the historic space. Not surprisingly, some fear the upgrades will scare away business in the short-term and strip the space of its many charms in the long term.