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Big Dipper’s ‘LaCroix Boi’ Is an Irresistible Seltzer Slow Jam

You won’t be able to get this tune out of your head

Please kindly put those earbuds in and/or close the door to your office and pump up the volume to enjoy “LaCroix Boi,” the new single from Chicago MC Big Dipper. This is a ’90s-style slow jam in the vein of Salt-N-Pepa or Boyz II Men about hooking up while sipping the fruit-flavored fizzy water that is taking America by storm. Sample lyrics: “Drown in these pamplemousse lips/ I’ll be your La Croix Boi/Tiny bubbles tickle tongues/Mixing flavors just for fun/Melange in your mouth.”

The video has a LaCroix throne, a jacket made of cans, and a silk jammie dance routine inside a cloud of bubbles. NPR notes that the clip also has a cameo from Alaska Thunderf***, one of the contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“LaCroix Boi” is easily the best seltzer jam since Rakeem’s spring 2016 hit “Sippin on LaCroix”:

Peak Summer Arrives Early With Big Dipper's Bubbly, Velvety 'LaCroix Boi' [NPR]
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