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Björn Frantzén’s Restaurant Frantzén Will Reopen This Summer

The tasting menu restaurant was closed for a year

Fredrik Skogkvist/Restaurant Frantzén
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Swedish chef Björn Frantzén is reopening his two-Michelin-starred eponymous restaurant after a year-long hiatus, Bloomberg critic Richard Vines reports on Twitter. Known for its artful tasting menus and their accompanying process videos, Frantzén will open in a new location in Stockholm on August 30.

The newest version of Frantzén “will be a culinary experience as well as a journey through a completely renovated 19th-century building,” Frantzén says in a press release. Situated in downtown Stockholm, the new Frantzén is five times larger than the original, encompassing three floors — including an attic that has been converted into a lounge area — and a terrace. Despite this, the dining room will seat the same number of guests as at the old Frantzén — just 23.

Frantzén and chef Daniel Lindeberg opened the first incarnation of the Swedish fine-dining restaurant in 2008: Then known as Frantzén/Lindeberg, it was situated in Stockholm’s medieval city center Gamla Stan. In 2013, Lindeberg left the restaurant and it became Restaurant Frantzén. In the summer of 2016, Frantzén closed the restaurant in anticipation of the move to the new premises just over a mile away.

Frantzén will run the kitchen along with head chef Marcus Jernmark, formerly at New York City’s Aquavit. The approach to Japanese-influenced modern Nordic cuisine will be the same as at the original location, but, according to Frantzén, the additional space allows for access to a wider range of techniques, like cooking over an open fire. The staff has been busy perfecting said techniques in the Frantzén test kitchen during the months of the restaurant’s closure.

Diners can book one of those 23 seats at the new Frantzén at Klara Norra Kyrkogata 26 beginning June 30.

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