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This Salt Shaker Is More Ridiculous Than Juicero

Here’s the dumbest way to season your food

[My Smalt]

Tech entrepreneurs simply can’t resist funneling money into worthless kitchen gadgets. Following hot on the heels of Juicero, the $400 machine that gently squeezes juice bags, comes Smalt, a Bluetooth-enabled salt shaker that doubles as a flashlight and looks like a rejected robot from Battlestar Galactica.

The homepage bills this product as “the world’s first smart centerpiece designed exclusively for your indoor /outdoor dining area.” Smalt users can hook up their smartphones to stream music and “let the entertainment begin,” and, of course, they can also use it to season their food. Smalt’s creators explain: “Everything tastes better with a little bit of salt. Surprise your guests and their palate with fun, interactive way to shake salt and bring out the flavor.”

This electronic doodad is not yet available for purchase, and there’s still no word yet on how much it will cost. But interested parties can sign up to be the first passengers on the Smalt train to flavor mountain.

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