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The Newest Oreo Is Filled With Pop Rocks

Plus, Angelina Jolie eats a turkey leg

Firework Oreos
  • Oreo’s new flavor is... “firework.” Which basically means it’s a regular Oreo with tiny Pop Rocks (technically “popping candy”) inside. They sent one to the Eater office and eating one is an unusual but not entirely unpleasant experience. The brand is asking fans to choose the next flavor and got the best ever spokesperson to do a sponsored tweet about it.
  • Food writer and commentator John T. Edge had an op-ed in the New York Times this weekend focusing on the history of Black southern women who “challenged American agricultural practices and driven our changing relationship to food.”
  • Angelina Jolie took her kids to the Renaissance Faire this weekend. Per People: "The party enjoyed games, chats with costumed attendees and more while at the festival, with Jolie even toting around what appeared to be a huge turkey leg."
  • How the founder of apron startup Hedley and Bennett went from cooking at LA’s best restaurants to running a burgeoning restaurant apron empire.
  • The inexplicably popular travel-tip crowdsourcing site TripAdvisor has partnered with GrubHub to offer restaurant delivery directly through TA’s travel listings.