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Mission Chinese’s Danny Bowien Is Your New ‘Mind of a Chef’ Star

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Bowien is cycling into your TV set soon

[Danny Bowien in 2012]
[Daniel Krieger]

The Mind of a Chef holiday potluck was just a warm-up set for Danny Bowien, the chef/restaurateur behind the acclaimed Mission Chinese restaurants in New York City and San Francisco. Now Bowien is ready to star in his own season of PBS’s award-winning, totally awesome culinary documentary series. The Mind of a Chef crew officially announced the impending launch of the Bowien-themed season today with this video of Danny SoulCycling his heart out (plus a Spotify playlist created by the chef):

Bowien is a promising choice for Mind of a Chef subject because he has a distinct, highly personal culinary style, and he’s someone whose creative life is always seemingly in a state of flux. In recent years, Bowien has faced restaurant closures, less-than-favorable reviews, and personal crises, but he’s candid about these setbacks and always optimistic about the future. As this clip indicates, Danny also has a great sense of humor.

PBS has not announced when Season 6 of Mind of a Chef will make its debut, but the official homepage notes that it is “in the works.” Stay tuned for more details on Bowien’s season of the show as they become available.
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