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How to Use Fidget Spinners to Plate Food

These gadgets actually do have a place in the kitchen after all

At last, someone has finally found a practical use for fidget spinners, the cheap-o toys that people around the world are inexplicably obsessed with right now. As the chefs at Reef in Houston, Texas show us, these gizmos can be used to help create artistic sauce patterns on plates:

This video is a response, of sorts, to Eric Ripert’s ‘gram from last week where he showed a fidget spinner in the Le Bernardin kitchen with the caption: “YEP CONFISCATED.”

The way things are trending, fidget spinners may soon surpass smartphones as the number one distraction in professional kitchens. But if more line cooks can find ways to use them for preparing food, their bosses might not confiscate them or toss them out.

If you discover any creative uses for fidget spinners in the kitchen, please let us know — we’ll share our favorites.

@sleeping_with_the_chef [Instagram]
Attention Line Cooks: Eric Ripert Will Confiscate Your Fidget Spinner [E]

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