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Watch: The Secret Behind Dum Dums’ ‘Mystery’ Flavor

It’s actually just about saving time

Welcome to Snack Break, a new Eater video series that delivers fast facts about the foods we all love, in one minute or less. These bite-sized stories are ideal dinner party anecdotes, and they’re educational to boot. Next up: Dum Dums. It turns out the brand’s famous “mystery flavor” isn’t an exotic fruit or berry; it’s actually the result of a clever time-saving trick by their manufacturer, the Akron Candy Co. Check out the video above for the full story.

If that doesn’t sate your sugar cravings, here are a few more sweet facts from around the internet: Relive your childhood with this look inside the Necco wafer factory; learn the truth about what’s actually in Nerds; discover the reason banana candy doesn’t really taste like bananas; and finally, get a master class in chocolate tempering from chocolatier Jacques Torres (it turns out you can use a hair dryer).

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