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This Week in Food: Alcohol and Taco Bell Are a Winning Combination

Plus, Trix cereal changed its colors and people are super angry

Amanda B Lee

Getting drunk at Taco Bell is going to be easier than ever

Good news for fans of bean burritos and getting a little buzzed: Taco Bell has big expansion plans for Cantina, the chain’s fancy, millennial-focused concept. Currently there are only 11 of the alcoholic-slushy-slinging spots around the U.S., but that’s set to grow in the next few years.

Poisonous gas station nachos have left one dead and nine hospitalized in California

An outbreak of the foodborne illness botulism was the cause of the tragedy. California’s health department is on it though, and have said that this was rare case, with no continuing public health risk.

Eric Ripert/Twitter

Food superstar Eric Ripert’s kitchen has no time for your damn fidget spinners

These damn spinning doodads are literally everywhere, even in the kitchens of three-Michelin-starred restaurants.

Eating colostrum is weird, especially for a new mom

Eater’s editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt has eaten some weird stuff over her decade covering the food and restaurant scene, but this was the only dish that ever gave her pause: It was ice cream made with colostrum, the nutrition-packed first milk produced by a cow after she gives birth. Here, Kludt explains what it felt like, as a new mom, to eat something specifically made to keep newborns healthy.

Ben & Jerry’s/Facebook

Ben & Jerry’s is fighting for marriage equality in Australia by banning certain ice cream orders

The famously political ice cream makers from Vermont are taking a stand for same-sex couples in Australia, where marriage equality is still not legally recognized. While other brands in the country have done similar stunts, this one might actually have some cut through. Ben & Jerry’s has a cult following in Australia, though it’s notoriously expensive there — around $9 USD per pint.

The internet is FURIOUS about Trix cereal’s color change

The iconic cereal has had some formula changes recently, all with the aim of making it a little healthier. The problem: It still tastes the same, but the eye-popping color palette Trix is known for has been dulled significantly. So, we can have our cereal and eat it, too — it just won’t be quite as bright.

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