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Where to Eat at 34 Airports Across the Globe

Don’t waste a single layover on a sad sandwich

Pretzel chicken from the Great Lakes Brewery in the Cleveland airport
Official photo

The land of airport food has always been rife with bad chain fare. But thanks to some enlightened planning, better and better options are starting to infiltrate airports across North America. There’s One Flew South, Atlanta’s destination airport restaurant. Newark’s 2017 revamp brought us the Tsukiji Fishroom, with fish flown in straight from Tokyo by United Airlines. In Dallas, there’s no lack of great barbecue — plus, enjoy the multi-million dollar public art installations while walking through the terminals. After a renovation, Rome’s airport has even received awards for improving their options, with choices there like ramen and Neapolitan pizza.

Here now, a guide to the good, the bad, and the ugly of airport dining across North America and beyond. Click on the city of interest below for detailed terminal-by-terminal information, updated just in time for the busy travel season.

North American airports

A brisket sandwich from Cousin’s Bar-B-Q in Dallas
Burger from Shake Shack at JFK
Nick Solares/Eater

European airports