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A Four-Mile Beer Pipeline Is Coming to This German Heavy Metal Festival

A gift from the metal gods

As long as the heavy metal music is blasting from the stage and the beer is flowing freely from the bar, the 75,000 attendees of the annual Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany will be happy. To streamline the suds distribution at this year’s event, the organizers of the three-day fest are burying a four-mile-long beer pipeline two-and-a-half feet below the fairgrounds.

[Wacken Open Air Festival]

Once work is complete on the beer pipeline, the concession operators will have enough pressure to pour six beers in six seconds. And because the organizer won’t have to cart kegs in and out of the event, this new pipeline will also ease traffic and help protect the grass on the field. Attendees at the metal fest typically consume around five liters of beer per person.

On the official Wacken homepage, the organizer explains: “The installation of the pipes and the enlarged drainage is a lasting investment in the infrastructure of Wacken. We pave the way for many more years of Heavy Metal at Wacken Open Air!”

The Wacken Fest will kick off on August 5 with a lineup that includes Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, and Alice Cooper.

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