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Did We Really Need Edible Fidget Spinners?

Plus all the food news to know today

Courtesy Clearly Cookies
  • New York City chef Eric Ripert has officially banned fidget spinners from his kitchens, but one Dallas bakery is offering up an edible version. The cookies actually do spin, sort of.
  • Now we’re getting really meta: On Vulture, architecture critic Justin Davidson weighs in on NYT critic Pete Wells’ “non-review” of Noma Mexico, during which Wells argued that “an actual review of a pop-up that sold out months ago strikes me as spectacularly useless.” The gist of Davidson’s argument: “For Wells to undercut the foundations of his own profession gives his superiors a reason to fire him and his colleagues.”
  • Why are so many doughnut boxes pink? We can thank Cambodian business owners in Southern California for spearheading the trend.
  • Brexit could raise wine prices in the UK by as much as 22 percent.
  • A Chicago brewery is making IPA gummy bears.
  • Finally, a professional restaurant critic who likes a Guy Fieri restaurant.