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Attention Line Cooks: Eric Ripert Will Confiscate Your Fidget Spinner

The faddish toy does not belong in his kitchen

Chef Eric Ripert is one of the most mellow people in world of high-end gastronomy. But if you want to stay on the Ripper’s good side, keep the damn fidget spinner out of the Le Bernardin kitchen, because he will confiscate it:

Although this toy is being pitched as a focus aid, Vox notes that schools across the country are banning fidget spinners because teachers are finding that kids become even more distracted from their work while using it. Certainly, a device like this has no purpose in a pristine, four star kitchen like Le Bernardin, where everyone is expected to focus on the rhythms of service and the food in front of them.

If you work in a kitchen and have any strong feelings for or against fidget spinners, please share your thoughts in the comments of this post.

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