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The Pope and Melania Share a Laugh Over Trump’s Girth

A diet joke echoed through the halls of the Vatican

Vatican Pool / Contributor

Earlier today, during the Trump clan’s visit to Vatican City, Pope Francis made a joke to First Lady Melania about her husband’s diet. Through a translator, the leader of the Catholic Church remarked: “What do you give him to eat — potica?” The pope was making a reference to a variety of nut cake that’s popular in Slovenia, where Melania was born. After hearing this bon mot about her husband’s figure, Melania chuckled and echoed that last word — some news outlets believe she replied “potica,” but others think she misunderstood and said the word “pizza,” which sounds very similar. Either way, it was a polite acknowledgement of her husband’s love of highly caloric foods. Here’s the clip:

The Daily News notes that Pope Francis got to sample potica two years ago, when Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar paid a visit to the Vatican. It’s unclear whether President Donald Trump has tried this Slovenian confection, although he is a noted fan of chocolate cake — especially the tall kind served at his own Floridian golf course/resort — and comfort foods in general.

In other Trump-related food news, some internet prankster released a very official-looking but totally fake tour rider for the POTUS’s visit to the religious monuments of the Middle East and Europe. This humorous list does not contain potica, but there are plenty of other sweets:

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