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Peter Luger Is Suing a Pennsylvania Steakhouse Over Its Name

Carl von Luger Steak & Seafood is being accused of trademark infringement

Peter Luger Steak
A Peter Luger steak
Nick Solares

Famed New York City steakhouse Peter Luger is suing Scranton, Pennsylvania restaurant Carl von Luger Steak & Seafood for trademark infringement, the Associated Press reports. According to the lawsuit, filed by Peter Luger Inc. last week, the owner of the Scranton restaurant, Robert Dickert, once worked at the landmark New York City steakhouse and is now attempting to trade on Peter Luger’s “famous marks and sterling reputation.”

Dickert opened Carl von Luger in 2011, but brands the restaurant as “an age old family tradition; since 1887” — not-so-coincidentally the year the now renowned Peter Luger steakhouse was established in Brooklyn. The Carl von Luger website explains the family tradition, claiming that the restaurant is named for Dickert’s father, Carl, who was Peter Luger’s nephew. The Peter Luger complaint demands that Carl von Luger stop using the Luger name and seeks unspecified damages.

Prior to the lawsuit, Carl von Luger had plans to expand to Florida. Earlier this month, an article in the Palm Beach Post announced a deal to put two Carl von Luger restaurants in a North Palm Beach clubhouse. The article initially described the brand as an “offshoot” of Peter Luger and referred to it as a “name-brand steakhouse.”

Michael Elkin, a lawyer for Peter Luger, Inc. told the Palm Beach Post that Peter Luger was unaware of the existence of Carl von Luger until the Palm Beach Post article announcing the Pennsylvania restaurant’s Florida expansion. He maintains that there is no connection between the two restaurants, familial or otherwise.

Eater has reached out for comment and is awaiting a statement from Carl von Luger. This post will be updated with that information when it becomes available.

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