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In These Difficult Times, the Avolatte Arrives to Make Everything Worse


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From the country that brought the world fairy toast and flat whites comes another breakfast innovation: the avolatte, a latte inside of an avocado. It’s actually a latte inside of half an avocado skin, with a little bit of the flesh of the fruit still clinging to its shell.

Melbourne’s Truman Cafe, in the city’s Albert Park neighborhood, is to blame for this concoction, clearly a revolt against avocados, lattes, and maybe even humanity itself.

The cafe debuted the new beverage a couple of weeks ago, announcing on Instagram that it combined “two of Melbourne’s obsessions — lattes and avo.” Several Truman Cafe customers have shared photos of the drink on Instagram in the days since it launched, which appears to be proof that this wasn’t just a one-time prank.

A barista at the cafe confirmed to AAP that it wasn’t a joke. The cafe is selling avolattes for the same price as a regular coffee. "Maybe some people thought it was meant to be a joke but food is meant to be fun, food is meant to be art," he told AAP.

Of note: Avolattes are not included in this deal for a house that includes free avocado toast.

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