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This Week in Food: In-N-Out Is No Longer America’s Favorite Burger

The West Coast is SHOOK

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in-n-out burger Punctuated/Flickr

In-N-Out isn’t America’s favorite burger anymore

West Coast devotees might say it’s fake news, but an annual survey has found the cult California burger chain is no longer the best-loved in America. The usurper? Fast-growing chain Five Guys. But hey, we’re not taking sides.


Starbucks is testing out ice cubes made of coffee, making coffee-inception a thing

You might soon be able to order your iced coffee with actual iced coffee inside it. So, instead of your Venti drink becoming progressively weaker as its ice melts, it’ll stay at the same caffeinated intensity to the last sip. Great news for anybody who hates the laws of thermodynamics watering down their cold brew!

There’s Yelp-related drama at Yale

Wait, what? The Ivy League scandal in a nutshell: a dean left some pretty awfully worded Yelp reviews on local spots. She had separately bragged to students about reaching “Elite” status on the site/repository for diner grievances, which was how she was exposed as the author of the terrible missives. She has since been placed on leave.


This dress made out of Starbust wrappers brings new meaning to “juicy couture”

Artist Emily Seilhamer turned 10,000 of the candy wrappers into a runway-ready look. She even made a corsage to go with it!

San Francisco to food delivering, job-stealing robots: drop dead

If you’re not quite ready to welcome our new robotic overlords, the Bay City is the place to be: In response to some very-unmanned, very-cute robots delivering take-out to hungry customers, one legislator is trying to ban the bots. The reason? To uphold human safety (and human jobs).

It’s about to get a lot easier to have McDonald’s delivered

Currently, summoning Big Macs and McNuggets to your home on demand is a luxury available to only a handful of Americans. But things are starting to look up — McDonald’s announced a partnership this week with delivery service UberEats to send more happy meals out into the world, for those days when even rolling through drive-thru is too big of an ask.