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McDonald’s Expands Delivery Thanks to UberEats Partnership

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It’s even easier to get a Big Mac delivered in LA and Chicago

McDonald’s Big Mac, now delivered Photo: Dennis S. Hurd/Flickr
  • McDonald’s is expanding its push into delivery in the United States. In partnership with UberEats, McDonald’s will now deliver out of 1,000 stores (up from 200), including locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Phoenix. The chain already has a robust delivery business in Asia and the Middle East, and earned $1 billion in delivery sales worldwide last year.
  • Yesterday Google announced Google Lens. Users will be able to point their smartphone camera at any restaurant and the app will offer information about the place, including reviews, menus, reservations, contact information, and more. Also: Google Assistant (which lets you order delivery, or call up restaurant information) is now available on iPhones. Read more on The Verge.