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All-Marshmallow Lucky Charms Are Very Real (And Hard to Acquire)

These are destined to become collector’s items


Now that rainbow-colored novelty foods are all the rage, General Mills has wisely decided to release a version of one of its most popular cereals minus the one ingredient that nobody really cares for: the cereal. And to generate maximum viral buzz, the company is only creating a limited quantity of the all-marshmallow Lucky Charms — 10,000 — which can only be acquired by entering a contest after purchasing a regular box of the cereal.

These are sure to become collectors’ items, although if you don’t want to jump through all the hoops, you can just pick out the cereal in a regular box, which is something rascally kids have been doing for ages.

This is actually the second time that General Mills has released an all-marshmallow version of Lucky Charms, although during the first promotion two years ago, only 10 boxes were released.
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