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This Chef Is Headed to the Final Round of ‘Iron Chef Gauntlet’

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After a three-way face-off last night, only one competitor moves on

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The first five rounds of the ridiculous and delightful spectacle known as Iron Chef Gauntlet are now over, and one of the six original competitors is now headed to face off against the veteran Iron Chefs. And that chef is... drumroll, air horns, marimbas... Chicago superstar Stephanie Izard. Last night, Izard smoked the two remaining contestants, Texan chef Jason Dady and recent JBFA recipient Sarah Grueneberg, by cooking a chawanmushi with crab meat during the Chairman’s Challenge, and a trio of fried quail egg salad, okonomiyaki, and yuzu lemon tart for the egg-themed Secret Ingredient round.

Next week, Izard will face off against vetted Iron Chefs Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, and Masaharu Morimoto, and if she out-cooks those dudes in Kitchen Stadium, she, too, will become an Iron Chef. Chairman/host Alton Brown points out that there are no guarantees in this game:

Earlier this season, chefs Michael Gulotta (of MOFO in New Orleans), Jonathon Sawyer (of Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland), Shota Nakajima (of Adana in Seattle), and Nyesha Arrington (formerly of Leona in Los Angeles) also competed in Kitchen Stadium, but they were all sent home. As for next week’s big challenge, Izard says that “it’s definitely not the time to play it safe, and that’s not what an Iron Chef does.”

The finale of this new iteration of Iron Chef will air next Sunday, May 21.

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