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Daniel Boulud’s Shaq Shoe, a French Opening, and Colostrum Ice Cream

Editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt rounds up the week’s news in this letter from the editor

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I don’t have a singular coherent thought for this week, because I’m writing this at 5:30 on a Friday after a very intense week. I just want to get home to hang with my kid before ordering takeout (not from Maple!) and watching the shit out of the new season of Master of None.

Some stray thoughts:

  • Daniel Boulud keeps one of Shaq’s shoes in the “sky box,” a glass enclosed room that hovers above his kitchen at fine dining institution Daniel. Also up there: framed photos of Boulud and Matt Damon and Pelé.
Shaq’s shoe
  • An unnamed Very Important Person told me this week he used to be a regular at this mediocre restaurant in Union Square and took breakfast meetings there every weekday morning for seven years at the same corner banquette. Then one day, a new hostess started and told him he would have to wait up front (at the empty restaurant) for his full party and sit at a smaller table. He threatened to never come back. She called his bluff. He's never been back. Just shows how one bad apple can ruin a good thing.
  • There’s a new bar in New York that serves omurice. The bar itself is just okay, but the dish is very worth seeking out (and not just because it looks cool on Instagram).
  • I chatted with Dan Barber this week about colostrum ice cream. Hoping to put something together on it next week, but if you have any thoughts (especially new parents out there OR animal husbandry experts), please email me at

Opening of the Week: Grand Cafe

Who’s behind it?: Jamie Malone and Erik Anderson, two nationally renowned chefs who have been trying to open a project together called Brut for years. They still hope to open Brut, but in the meantime are opening this neighborhood cafe.

What is it?: It’s a casual French spot, the revival of a cafe that was around for 70 years before closing this past winter. Interestingly, Malone took over the stoves at the restaurant in December, and fans eagerly anticipated her return to a permanent spot after years of pop-ups. It was a blow when the restaurant announced in January that it would close in February — but the tides turned in March when the duo purchased Grand Cafe. “We are still looking for the perfect spot for Brut, but sometimes you follow that path that life puts in front of you,” Malone told Eater Twin Cities then.

Where is it?: South Minneapolis.

When did it open?: Friday night.

Why should I care?: Both Malone and Anderson have large followings, and both earned “Best New Chef” nods from Food & Wine in years past. She worked under him at Sea Change (a locally lauded restaurant) before he left for tasting menu counter Catbird Seat in Nashville. They reunited to open a restaurant together in the Twin Cities in 2014. It’s also interesting because this is the latest in a string of French openings in Minneapolis.

grand cafe
Grand Cafe
TJ Turner

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