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Katy Perry’s New Cooking-Themed Video Is Extremely Upsetting

Cannibalism is the main theme

Pop music star/Taylor Swift rival Katy Perry is back with a new music video for her song “Bon Appétit.” The video shows Perry as the object of various cooking methods — she’s kneaded, boiled, and chopped over the course of four minutes, and she doesn’t appear to be too bothered by the course of events. Celebrity chef Roy Choi makes a cameo. It’s all pretty strange.

Perry says the video is meant to be a metaphor for her sexual liberation, but, as Uproxx notes, some people are seeing it more as a celebration of cannibalism.

The end of the video reveals Perry has survived her ordeal and is ready to dig into a pie that appears to be a combination of cherry and human body parts. This explains the cherry pie recipe the singer recently demoed for Tasty.

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