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‘Master of None’ Season 2 Recap: Episode 10, ‘Buona Notte’

The season finale leaves us craving ramen and answers


Plot: The episode opens with a meta-opening of BFFs, chef Jeff and Dev’s show on Food TV. BFFs, if you forgot, stands for Best Food Friends. The duo heads to Okonomi for mazemen, a brothless ramen. After the BFFs episode ends, Dev’s on set and realizes that Lisa from makeup (she who previously gave him a “mocha glow”) no longer works on the show.

Cut to his apartment, where Francesca comes over and says she feels terrible about what’s happening. “It’s not that easy,” she says. Dev wishes they’d met when they were both single and all of a sudden they’re role-playing meeting for the first time in a bar in Italy. They speak in Italian and slow-dance in his kitchen to a sad love song Francesca translates into his ear and as usual it’s all very cute. It gets a little weird when Francesca has them dance on either side of a French door so they can kiss the glass between them, and then Dev kisses her for real. There’s no time to get excited about this, though, because she gets upset and leaves without saying anything.

Dev sees his friend Benjamin’s play and afterward, gets a drink with him Wilfie & Nell. Benjamin tells him that he’s heard Jeff is a huge creep, hitting on women that work with him on his show. Everything he says is gross, and Dev is understandably concerned. He realizes this is maybe why Lisa left the set, and goes to see her at her new job. She confirms that Jeff is a terrible human. Uh oh.


Soon after, Jeff and Dev are on the set of talk show Raven Live! to make paella and promote BFFs. Dev’s getting ready to go on when his agent Shannon realizes that #ChefJeffIsaPerv is trending on Twitter — he’s being accused of sexual harassment. Dev is freaking out, but since Jeff doesn’t know yet, the show must go on. Raven finds out during the filming from her producer and everything falls apart. Afterwards, Dev tells Jeff he doesn’t want to be involved and Jeff gets upset that Dev doesn’t think he’s innocent. It should go without saying, but it is to Dev’s credit that he’s unwavering in his decision to do the right thing in a bad situation.

And then, to make things worse, Francesca tells Dev she’s not ready to leave her life for him. He accuses her of using him. It’s a painful conversation. Dev heads to Nitecap to talk things over with Arnold, and on the way he runs into his ex-girlfriend Rachel. At the bar, Arnold advises him to put on a dumb movie and watch that to distract him from feeling alone. Instead, he makes lists about Francesca, who in her apartment is rewatching an old video of her with Dev in Washington Square Park talking to their future selves. Pino comes out of a room with some bags and asks if she’s ready to go. The screen goes black, and then we see Francesca and Dev in bed together — it’s morning, it’s snowing, and Francesca’s not wearing an engagement ring. What does this mean?

Food breakdown: Dev and Jeff shoot an episode of BFFs at Okonomi, a well-regarded ramen place, where they eat mazemen (in real life the mazemen is served at Yuji Ramen, in the same location). Francesca and Dev drink wine in his apartment. Dev and his friend Benjamin get drinks at Wilfie & Nell in the West Village. Jeff and Dev make paella on Raven Live! And after his breakup, Dev goes to cocktail bar Nitecap on the Lower East Side with Arnold.

Best of None: This episode handled the tough subject of sexual harassment in an admirably no-nonsense way: From the outset, Dev doesn’t condone Jeff’s actions, albeit stumbling over his language, even though it’s easy to imagine an alternate (worse) plotline in which he waffled over what to do. And Raven is equally straightforward about how unacceptable this is. But the real question is: What’s with that ending? What happens next?

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Update 5/18/17: This piece has been edited to more accurately reflect the last scene.

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