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‘Master of None’ Season 2 Recap: Episode 2, ‘Le Nozze’

Dev and Arnold have dinner at one of the world’s best restaurants


Plot: Arnold (Eric Werheim) is in town for a visit, and he and Dev plan to fill their weekend together with as much food as possible. They sample bites around town, and Dev takes Arnold to see Osteria Francescana, chef Massimo Bottura’s restaurant that was once at the top of the World’d 50 Best list and is booked solid “for the next 10 years,” according to Dev. But, surprise! Arnold has scored them a reservation, and the two are served a private-room tasting menu by Bottura himself. The next day, they travel to Tuscany to attend the wedding of Arnold’s ex-girlfriend Ellen (Ciara Renée).

This episode focuses on Arnold and Dev’s relationship troubles. Arnold is broken up about the wedding. He tells Dev that he and Ellen had dated for 11 years before they lost passion for each other and broke up. Now, he thinks that may have been a mistake, and he wants to object to Ellen’s wedding. After confronting her, Arnold reconsiders and offers a lovely, sincere toast to the happy couple. Meanwhile, Dev is texting Rachel. He tries to be friendly, but eventually tells her they need to stop communicating so he can try to move on from their break-up.

With his apprenticeship at the pasta shop over, Dev heads back to New York, where he isn’t sure if he should resume his career as a commercial actor. But his agent has landed him a part that he can’t turn down: host of Clash of the Cupcakes, a Food Network-esque baking competition show. The episode ends with Dev doing his opening monologue for the series.

Food Breakdown: This one is packed to the gills. Arnold and Dev begin by sampling strawberries and cheese at a market in Modena. They have sandwiches and wine spritzers at a small cafe. They dine at Osteria Francescana (where Aziz Ansari learned to make pasta in real life). At the wedding, they have Champagne, and every time Arnold considers confronting his ex, Dev sedates him with passed melon. When Arnold needs to get away to blow off some steam, they travel to a small town known for its Pecorino, which they sample along with more spritzers and pasta.

Best of None: The best moment from “Le Nozze” has to be Dev and Arnold’s dinner at Osteria Francesca. They’re utterly giddy, as they should be, and blown away by Bottura’s cuisine. They dine on lentils that mock caviar, a dish called “autumn in New York” with an extraction of mushroom and truffle, and tortellini. “Francescana is my favorite place!” they sing. The meal at Osteria Francescana is one of the most jubilant food scenes in the entire series.

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