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Extras and outtakes from our restaurant editor’s travels across the country

Red Hog smoked burger
Bill Addison

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As Eater’s restaurant editor, I spend much of my life on the road — crisscrossing America (and occasionally beyond) to report on the places that shape and define modern dining. I write reviews and occasional features, survey city restaurant landscapes, and spearhead projects like the country’s essential regional restaurants, America’s Best New Restaurants, and the annual culmination of my year’s travels, the Best Restaurants in America.

And now there’s my newsletter.

In these dispatches, delivered twice monthly to your inbox, you can expect bonus accounts of my journeys: rants or raves from the dinner table, thoughts on my current culinary obsessions, and destinations I’m smitten with. My sense of wanderlust — and my appetite — never seem to burn down: with this newsletter, I hope that my field notes can serve as your dining road map, or stoke your own desire to travel.

Also: I’ve become kind of fanatical about photography. Look for plenty of food porn mixed in with the words.

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