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Trump Gets Two Scoops of Ice Cream While Everyone Else Gets One

Being the President of the United States has some perks

[Trump photo: Getty/Olivier Douliery. Ice cream photo: Also via Getty]

Before he moved to Washington, Donald Trump loved to eat fast food and well-done steaks and burgers at high-end restaurants. Now that he’s President of the United States, Trump has to eat most of his meals at the White House, but thankfully for Donald, the kitchen indulges him a bit by serving extra portions of his favorite sweets and creamy condiments.

The POTUS invited three Time reporters to spend a day at the White House on Monday, May 8, which culminated in a candlelit dinner in the Blue Room. The mag’s correspondents note that Trump was served what appeared to be Thousand Island dressing during the salad course while everyone else got a vinaigrette, and during the entree portion, the president received “an extra dish of sauce” with his chicken. Waiters brought Trump a Diet Coke while everyone else was offered water, and for dessert, he received a slice of chocolate pie with a double scoop of vanilla ice cream, while the rest of the guests only got one scoop.

The Time article notes that the new POTUS has made a few tweaks to the White House since moving in back in January: In addition to adding some TIVO-equipped televisions in various corners of the mansion, he also ordered that his dining room be gutted, which lead to an unexpected surprise. “We found gold behind the walls, which I always knew,” Trump explains.

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