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Shake Shack Teases Fans With Chicken Tenders

The burger chain’s new cookbook calls them “the Taste of Things to Come”

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Shake Shack’s first-ever cookbook comes out next week, and it’s a fun look inside the inner workings of the chain, filled with recipes for recreating Shack burgers, hot dogs, fries, and desserts at home. Also inside is a sneak peek at what could be a potential new menu item: chicken tenders or chicken bites, according to the recipe on page 170. The first photo of the new item is on page 161, under a section titled “The Taste of Things to Come,” which gives readers an overview about how new menu items are created and tasted — and what it looks like when something makes the cut.

omfg shake shack teases chicken TENDERS in new COOKBOOK #eater #eaterny

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“Chicken tenders are universally applauded,” the text reads, but “they’re not at all Shacks yet.” The recipe on page 170 notes that they’re made the same way Chick’n Shack sandwiches are made, but with chicken breasts that have been cut into smaller pieces. The headnote suggests serving them with the Shack Burger’s buttermilk mayo or a salt and pepper honey sauce. Both recipes are included in the book, which is available for pre-order now.

When reached by email, a Shake Shack spokesperson said this item was not currently on the menu at any location, despite what the book says. He clarified further: “As you can imagine, not all items we test make it to the menu—but you never know what’ll happen down the line!”

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