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8 Remarkable Trump Portraits Made of Food

From lunch meat Donny to taco Trump, these are the POTUS food memes you can’t un-see

For whatever reason, artists love creating likenesses of Donald Trump made out of food. The latest is this gem from Spanish magazine Tapas, wherein the POTUS’s head is fashioned out of lunch meat and bananas:

Artist Lauren Garfinkel kickstarted the Trump-as-food trend two years ago when she carved a circus peanut so that it resembled the guy who would soon become the Republican presidential candidate:

Lauren Garfinkel

The edible Donald movement really started to pick up steam in early 2016, when an internet genius created Trumplings. This website is still as creepy and hilarious as it was nearly a year and a half ago:


While Trump was campaigning last spring, an artist by the name of Nathan Wyburn made a portrait of the mogul-turned-presidential candidate out of taco ingredients:

Last summer, an Australian bakery called Doughnut Time briefly served a Trump-inspired pastry:

Laura Garfkinel, the artist who launched this craze with the circus peanut, did an entire series of Trump food portraits for Lucky Peach during the months leading up to the election. Here’s “defondant” Trump, headed to the courthouse:

New Edible Trump alert! This time, @ediblegovernment takes a look at Trump as a "defondant" in his many lawsuits.

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And who could forget the creepy election night cake that appeared at Trump’s victory party?

Last but not least, in the weeks following the election, Redditors unleashed a torrent of Trump-food-mashups, including this profoundly disturbing Spam Donald:

LeontiosTheron/Reddit via Imgur

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