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McDonald’s Introduces Ridiculous ‘Frork’ Utensil

Say hello to your new favorite useless gadget

Taking a play from the Panda Express playbook, McDonald’s is introducing a new, totally ridiculous utensil called the Frork.

The burger titan is rolling out this new fork with french fry prongs to coincide with the launch of its “Signature Crafted Recipe” burgers, which have toppings that drop out the backside of the bun, hence the need for a utensil to scoop things up (users presumably just bite into the fry tongs, now smothered with toppings, each time). Infomercial pitchman extraordinaire Anthony Sullivan appears in the mock ad for the new burgers and their accompanying utensil. If you call the number in the clip — 1-844-McD-Frork — you will find a message system narrated by Sullivan with information about all the new burgers and this pretty much useless new gadget.

McDonald’s will be giving away the odd new trinket to customers who purchase the new burgers on Friday, May 5.
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