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If You Don’t Think a Big Cheeto’s a Big Deal, Think Again

A 2005 news team discovers a big Cheeto

Every so often, the internet coughs up a gem like this vintage local news segment about a teen in Chapel Hill, North Carolina who buys irregular Cheetos on eBay. “I saw it on a message board on the internet — someone said this is the world’s largest Cheeto,” area teen Nick Robinson explains in the clip. “I just bid as a joke for fun, like three bucks on it, and apparently this is an auction that never took off — nobody really noticed it — so I accidentally won this auction.”

After comparing the monster Cheeto to an average snack puff, TV reporter Ric Swiner remarks: “If you don’t think a big Cheeto’s a big deal, think again.” Nick’s dad, who is also named Nick, is impressed by his son’s find. “That is a big ole heavy Cheeto,” Big Nick says.

This video from 2005 was uploaded to YouTube last night by none other than Nick Robinson, the kid from the clip, who is now all grown up. A quick scan of his YouTube page reveals that Robinson still loves buying stuff on eBay and sharing his discoveries with the world.
UPDATE: And as it turns out, this is actually the same Nick Robinson who works at Eater’s game-obsessed sister site Polygon and co-stars in the series Car Boys. Now you know his internet origin story.

The Cheeto Champ [YouTube]
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