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Watch Stephen Colbert Rip That Dumb Pepsi Ad to Shreds

Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah didn’t hold back, either

[The Late Show/YouTube]

Pepsi pulled its laughably tone-deaf protest-themed ad starring Kendall Jenner less than 24 hours after it hit YouTube — but that didn’t stop America’s late night hosts from ripping the commercial to shreds last night.

On the Late Show, Stephen Colbert offers a hilarious shot-by-shot replay of the “attractive lives matter” protest, which he describes as the moment when “all of America’s hot extras take to the streets.” The freeze-frame of the “wig caddy” is priceless:

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah jokes that “all brands need to become more woke” after this Pepsi flub, and he wonders what that might mean for companies like Coca-Cola, Mr. Clean, and Carl’s Jr.:

And on Late Night, Seth Meyers imagines an alternate ending to the soda commercial, wherein the young heroine offers a Pepsi to the cop and he calls for back-up on his walkie-talkie:

During his Tonight Show monologue last night, Jimmy Fallon also quipped that when Kendall hands the cop a Pepsi, his look says, “Are you all out of Coke?”

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