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14 Times Martha Stewart Was More Fabulous Than You

There is literally nothing she can’t do

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Martha Stewart, one of America’s most successful media moguls and sometimes-controversial domestic goddess, turns 76 this year. Stewart’s longest-running magazine title says it all: Living like Martha isn’t so much work as it is a state of mind. One of America’s most imitated entrepreneurs built her career out of nothing but pristine domesticity, made (mostly) smart investments over the years, and earned an entirely self-made fortune in order to support her ever-more-glamorous — but always tasteful — lifestyle.

Last year she put her name on a meal kit service, Martha & Marley Spoon; this week she launched a wine brand, Martha Stewart Wine Co. One thing that’s become clear is that as time has passed Stewart has only gotten more fun and fabulous. Here’s how:

1. Her Morning Rituals

Stewart, perhaps inspired by fellow mogul Howard Schultz, launched a chain of coffee shops in partnership with Macy’s last year, though the first opened inside her NY corporate offices in 2015.

But Martha doesn’t often drink coffee in the mornings. Instead, she likes to drink juice she makes each morning from vegetables from her many acres of gardens. (She owns four or five juicers.)

2. She Knows How to Party

She sometimes throws New Year’s Eve parties for her cats, but every holiday has the potential to be a Martha holiday. One year Stewart featured a taxidermied turkey at a Thanksgiving dinner; this past St. Patrick’s day she spent several days corning a massive beef brisket for her staff party.

3. She’s Good at Playing Dress Up

No one does Halloween costumes like Martha Stewart. No one:

She has been a ghostly equestrienne, a pirate, Medusa, a “glampire,” and more.

4. She Owns and Is a Badass

Stewart owns three miniature Sicilian donkeys that she keeps as pets and walks on leashes. They are 10 years old and can live to be 30.

But she’s also a badass: When it snows, Stewart drags out the snow plow herself.

5. Her Flora and Fauna Collection

There is an orchid named Martha Stewart.

Her birdcages are larger than some NYC apartments.

6. She Can Do a Full 360

She co-starred in this 360-degree video Eater filmed at NYC’s legendary Four Seasons before it closed. Stewart was a regular at the restaurant.

7. She’s Friends With Snoop Dogg

She counts 10 hip-hop artists among her friends, including Snoop Dogg, with whom she hosts a show on VH1.

8. She’s a TV Star in More Ways Than One

Stewart has hosted dozens of award-winning TV shows, but never forget that time she played herself on Ugly Betty, a comedy-drama that ended in 2010. She’s also appeared on The Simpsons, and been a comic book character.

9. No One Throws Shade Like Martha

Remember that time she titled a six-page story about pies “Conscious Coupling,” a clear dig at then-nemesis Gwyneth Paltrow?

10. She’s Been Touched by God

Stewart has been struck by lightning three times.

11. She’s Good at Vacationing

Some people have to travel to go skiing; Stewart goes cross-country skiing in her backyard.

12. She’s BFFs (Kinda) With FLOTUS

She once interviewed Michelle Obama on her show, and will guest-star on an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Jr. alongside our once and forever FLOTUS.

13. She’s a Tech Titan

One time she got tipsy and took a hoverboard for a spin, but she’s more obsessed with her drones. She owns three and talks about them frequently: See here, here, and most recently here.

14. You Can Live in a Martha Stewart House

No, you cannot live in one of her actual mansions — at one point she owned eight — but you can purchase a home she designed and put her name on. In 2005, she partnered with KB Home to design and brand a line of homes in which people now live. True obsessives must furnish their Martha Stewart Homes with Martha Stewart furnishings and decor, and make crafts in their homes with Martha Stewart craft supplies.

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