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Anthony Bourdain’s New Travel Site ‘Explore Parts Unknown’ Will Kill Your Productivity

So much meat, booze, and noodles

Courtesy CNN

Fans of world-wandering author/TV host Anthony Bourdain should pencil in some time on their calendars this week to take a nice long look around Explore Parts Unknown, a new online component to the hit CNN show Parts Unknown, which is now live. Last month, Bourdain said he wanted to “go as far as we can, go as weird as we can, as deep as we can and as smart as we can” with this new digital venture, which CNN is launching along with Roads & Kingdoms, the online travel and food publication that counts the Kitchen Confidential author as its editor-at-large.

Explore Parts Unknown has a ton of new longform stories, videos, and recipes, as well as some features that have run on Roads & Kingdoms in the past, including Bourdain’s Q&A about his lunch with President Obama. The stories and videos are organized by category — eat, drink, “know,” and “go” — as well as by geographical location. Currently, Explore Parts Unknown has hub pages for Madagascar, Senegal, Hanoi, Korea, Manila, Punjab, London, Rome, the Greek Islands, Istanbul, Vegas, LA’s Koreatown, Montana, New Jersey, Buenos Aires, and Colombia. Each destination page includes field dispatches from Bourdain, as well as 24-hour dining itineraries and notes on local lingo.

Tony and his crew plan to add new destinations each week, and when Parts Unknown returns later this year, the site will be updated with info about the places featured on the show before each new episodes airs. Bourdain tells Conde Nast Traveler: “I couldn't be more proud or excited about this amazing passion project finally coming together... What Roads & Kingdoms and CNN have done and will do together enriches and expands on Parts Unknown in thrilling new ways with infinite possibilities."

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