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NYC’s Balthazar Rakes in $20 Million a Year

Plus a photo of a really long Cheeto, and other news to know today

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Nick Solares
  • NY Post critic Steve Cuozzo pulls out some fun facts from the newly released book about NYC restaurant icon Balthazar: they rake in $20 million a year, the restaurant serves half a million meals, and a maitre d’ once turned down Donald Trump’s request to keep the table next to him open so he could have extra room. The book also offers insight into the enigmatic personality of owner Keith McNally and touches upon how the business is a metaphor for the city of New York. Read the full piece for more. Or pick up the book.

  • What do you give the chef who has everything? A giant mural with his face on it. Some social media missives from the contingent down in Melbourne for the World’s 50 Best announcement later tonight:

Yeah... this is a normal thing to run into when you're walking down a random street in Melbourne... #makeitnice

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  • Former owner of famed Connecticut pizzeria Frank Pepe’s and the daughter of the founder died last week at the age of 94.

  • One of the cruelest food industry April Fools’ jokes made an unwelcome return this weekend. In 2010 the pranksters at College Humor worked New Yorkers into a frenzy by posting fake signs and handing out fake flyers announcing an incoming In-n-Out in Manhattan. Someone did the same on Saturday in Atlanta.

  • A Grammy-winning producer started a business in Indonesia packaging CDs with fast food meals. And he’s selling 500,000 CDs a month. “My job is basically like running a record label, except this record label also happens to sell chicken,” he tells the NYTimes.

  • A character on popular Adult Swim show Rick and Morty is begging McDonald’s to bring back the short-lived (but apparently much loved) Szechuan dipping sauce for nuggets, which was discontinued back in the ‘90s. Now over six thousand fans of the show have signed a petition asking for the return of the sauce.