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Watch John Legend Croon Gordon Ramsay’s Most Vicious Insults

Such sweet music from such foul words

Gordon Ramsay fatigue is a very real thing. If you’ve watched his TV programs with any frequency over the last 15 years, there’s a good chance that you might be getting bored with his whole hot-headed kitchen tyrant schtick. Perhaps sensing that his act was getting stale, the chef has recently started poking fun at himself on TV and social media, and the results are awesome.

Back in January, Ramsay made the brilliant decision to start critiquing photos from amateur cooks on Twitter. In February, the chef participated in a swear jar challenge on The Tonight Show, as well as a hilarious Cool Ranch Dorito mystery ingredient taste-off. And last Friday, Gordon capped off his hosting stint on UK series The Nightly Show with a delightful sketch wherein John Legend croons Ramsay’s greatest insults, including “How the fuck did you burn ice cream?” and “You put so much oil in this, the U.S. wanted to invade the fucking plate.” Ramsay himself joins Legend at the end, to back him up on a musical rendition of the chef’s eternal classic, “Why did the chicken cross the road? ‘Cause you didn’t fucking cook it.”

Ramsay jumped into the world of viral entertainment a few months after an old clip of the chef shouting for “lamb sauce” on Hell’s Kitchen became an internet obsession. Gordon had nothing to do with that original dank meme, but its popularity might have inspired the chef’s recent decision to embrace his viral potential.

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