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Oops, Soylent’s Maybe Not So Vegan After All

The company is recalling its drink mix for undeclared milk


Bad news this week for Soylent, the favorite meal replacement of tech bros everywhere who are too busy crushing it to eat actual food: The company has warned that its drink mix powder may contain undeclared milk in the form of whey powder, and it’s subsequently recalling 890 boxes of the product.

A little bit of undeclared milk may be no big deal for most people, but that news is likely to stick in the craw of customers who happen to be vegan (Soylent has long claimed to be entirely free of animal products) — or lactose intolerant, for that matter.

No related illnesses have been reported, though, and customers are being assured this issue will not impact any future Soylent shipments. Plus, it could definitely be worse: Last fall, a number of folks who purchased Soylent’s solid food bars reported suffering from nausea, diarrhea, and/or vomiting, something the company later blamed on an algae ingredient. In the meantime, maybe just eat a sandwich or something.

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