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Oh Hey, Why Is Jeff Goldblum Working at an Australian Sausage Truck?

Here is a spectacular WTF moment

Jeff Goldblum is a man of many talents: he’s an accomplished actor, a celebrated jazz pianist, an O.G. viral video star, and now a skilled sausage chef. Yesterday, the movie star was spotted handing out sandwiches from a van in Sydney, Australia’s Wynyard Park marked Chef Goldblum’s. He offered no explanation for this food stunt, but really, none was needed — if Jeff Goldblum appears out of nowhere and hands you a sausage, you just smile and thank the universe. Here are some scenes from Goldblum sausage mania:

Jeff Goldblum giving out free snags!

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@jeffgoldblum handing out sausage sangers in #sydney. Pictured for the @dailytelegraph

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The legend himself. #jeffgoldblum #chefgoldblum #lifefindsaway

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A reporter from the Daily Telegraph tried to get to the bottom of this stunt, but Goldblum remained cryptic, noting: “I was doing the Thor movie on the Gold Coast some time ago but now I’m doing a project that I have to be secretive about but there is some thematic tie-in to this.”

His food truck shift happened on the same day that Jurassic World’s producers announced that Goldblum would be returning to the dinosaur franchise. Those two projects don’t appear to be related, although maybe after leaving dino island, the scientist character from the first film decided to give up studying chaos theory and launch a sausage stand in Sydney. Life, uh, finds a way.

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