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This Pop-Up Restaurant Will Serve You Airplane Food

Plus, all the food news to know today

Photo: Alex Stepanov/Shutterstock

• Because food bloggers will show up to a meal literally anywhere, a new pop-up “restaurant” in London is literally serving guests airline food. The pop-up, called “This Is How We Fly Today,” is a stunt concocted by Air New Zealand, and offers visitors dishes like “lamb with minted peas” and various canapés in an attempt to convince them that the airline’s on-flight offerings are not-terrible (or at the very least, are SFW). Airlines have been increasingly looking to improve their food options of late, with chefs like Maneet Chauhan, Sam Choy and restauranteurs like Danny Meyer getting into the in-flight dining game.

• In this brief Q&A with the LA Times, Fäviken chef/owner Magnus Nilsson reveals that it’s not so odd to own one of the world’s most hard-to-visit destination restaurants and also a hot dog cart. “My philosophy’s always been that you can do anything well, and you can do anything really poorly as well.”

• Panera Bread is making a major investment in delivery, hoping to make panini and soup-filled bread bowls an at-home indulgence for customers of more than a third of its stores.

• If you want to feel particularly unproductive, read up on Vishnu Manohar, a chef based in India who just broke the world record for consecutive hours spent cooking (his impressive record: 53).

• Fun fact: The California roll was actually invented in Canada, who knew:

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