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Unicorn Lemonade Slays the Unicorn Frappuccino

All the colors minus the heavy stuff

If you want a Unicorn beverage, but you don’t want all the sugar and calories of the Unicorn Frappuccino, consider asking your local Starbucks barista for a Unicorn Lemonade. They might grimace at this order, but if the Unicorn Frapp ingredients are on hand, the crew should be able to make it for you.

Details of this secret menu item were revealed in a new Reddit thread from a group of Starbucks baristas titled, “My Coworkers and I got creative with the new powders :).” The first comment is actually a warning: “Keep it far away from Instagram. And Facebook. Twitter.” But that warning is now too late, because people are indeed asking for this drink and sharing photos of it all over social media:

Pink and Blue powder mixed with lemonade #tobeapartner #unicornlemonade #imobsessed

A post shared by Cera Michelle (@i_never_actually) on

Starbucks is offering the original mythical beast-inspired drink through this Sunday, April 23. So theoretically, you should be able to order the lemonade version till then.

In other UniFrapp news, Stephen Colbert took a few swigs of the drink that’s driving everyone crazy last night on live TV, and immediately declared: “Oh, I wish I was dead.”

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