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Anthony Bourdain Thinks Truffle Oil Is ‘About as Edible as Astroglide’

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Tony torches food trends in a hilarious new video

During his visit to The Tonight Show on Wednesday, line cook-turned-author/TV host Anthony Bourdain riffed on a bunch of food trends for a delightfully salty web-only video. Tony remarks that truffle oil is a “horrible” ingredient that’s “about as edible as Astroglide and made from the same stuff.” But that substance still doesn’t annoy him as much as kobe beef sliders, a staple dish on clubstaurant menus throughout the land. Bourdain quips:

There is no food crime worse — in fact the very epicenter of douchedom is the kobe slider. If you see kobe slider on a menu at a restaurant that you’ve walked into, turn on your heels and leave. No good will come of this, it will just be a sea of high-fiving hedge funders and people you do not want anywhere near you.

Tony also has some strong opinions about mashup pastries, fancy juice, and brunch, which he explains is just “a horrible, cynical way of unloading leftovers and charging three times as much as you ordinarily charge for breakfast.”

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