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Of Course Donald Trump Served Baked Alaska to Sarah Palin

An Alaskan-themed dessert for the state’s former governor, naturally

Baked Alaska at DBGB
R. Lopez

During a whirlwind tour at the White House Wednesday, President Donald Trump treated guests Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and former Alaska governor/vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to a “white-china private dinner.” For dessert? A “flaming baked alaska in honor of Ms. Palin,” the New York Times reports.

Some history: The baked alaska — a deliciously old-school dessert that features a slice of cake topped with ice cream, covered in meringue and then baked or torched on top — was not actually invented in the 49th state. According to legend, it debuted at legendary New York City steakhouse Delmonico’s in 1876 and was named for the then-newly-acquired Alaskan territory. On her personal website, Palin called the dinner “beyond superb.”

Serving certain dishes or ingredients in honor of guests is a long-held White House tradition — in a 2015 state dinner for president of China Xi Jinping, the Obama administration served a meal containing things like lemon curd and lychee sorbet, poached Maine lobster with shitake mushrooms and noodle rolls, and grilled lamb.

Recognizing Palin appears to be the first time in this administration that the current President has used the menu as a way of recognizing his guest. During a dinner earlier this month, also for Xi Jinping, Trump served his fellow world leader a choice of Dover sole or New York strip steak, with a now-famous chocolate cake for dessert.

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