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Live Your Best Life With This Flamin’ Hot Grilled Cheese Doughnut

It’s an avalanche of salt, sugar, fat, and spice

When consumed in large quantities, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos can cause harm to your body. Some schools have even banned this spicy snack because students were getting so sick from eating them. The smart way to enjoy these fiery cheese squiggles is to mix them with regular Cheetos (a trick that at least two Eater editors employ as part of their snack regimen), or pulverize the puffs into dust and coat starchy, fatty foods with this peppery substance, to dilute the firepower.

Cincinnati-based soup and sandwich chain Tom + Chee is applying the latter approach to its menu. Starting today (ahem, 4/20), for a limited time, guests at the chain can get anything doused in Flamin’ Hot dust.

When guests order the “Grilled Mac + Chee” sandwich, which has a mac and cheese crust, the fried onions are swapped for red Cheetos. And for the truly adventurous, Tom + Chee is also offering its five grilled cheese doughnuts dipped in the snack powder.

In a statement about this new promotion, co-founder Corey Ward remarks: “There really are no limits to what well crust.”

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