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Enrique Olvera Will Open Cosme in LA

And he might expand Atla, too

Cosme’s corn husk meringue dessert.
Cosme’s famous corn husk meringue dessert.
Daniel Krieger
Monica Burton is the deputy editor of

Star Mexican chef Enrique Olvera and chef Daniela Soto-Innes are bringing Cosme, their hit Mexican restaurant in New York, to LA. The World’s 50 Best reports that Cosme LA will likely open in 2018.

Since Cosme opened in 2014 with Soto-Innes as chef de cuisine, it has been included on Bill Addison’s list of the best restaurants in America, placed at no. 40 on the World’s 50 Best List, and was a James Beard best new restaurant nominee. Soto-Innes and Olvera recently opened the more accessible Atla in NYC, and are now hinting that there are more Atlas to come.

Soto-Innes — who earned a Rising Star Chef Beard Award for her work at Cosme — tells the World’s 50 Best, “We’ve been working together for the past three years and we get along so well. We want to open more restaurants, more Atlas.” She also mentioned that she’d be interested in opening up a third Cosme in London, though there are no plans in the works.

Olvera’s portfolio of restaurants has grown dramatically. His iconic Mexico City restaurant Pujol opened in 2000 (it recently relocated). That was followed by Cosme in New York City over 10 years later, then Manta at the Cape hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico, and Atla in NYC — and soon, LA. And Cosme isn’t the only New York City restaurant making its way to Los Angeles. Daniel Humm and Will Guidara will open a location of their restaurant the Nomad, and Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield have been renovating a Hollywood restaurant space, which, according to the Hollywood Reporter, might become a location of the Spotted Pig.

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