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Anthony Bourdain Takes the Secret Ingredient Challenge on the ‘Tonight Show’

Tony and Sienna Miller eat Oreo-crusted catfish and Kraft cheese popsicles

World-traveling TV host/author/retired chef Anthony Bourdain stopped by the Tonight Show Wednesday to talk about his filming Parts Unknown and the new Jeremiah Tower documentary he produced, The Last Magnificent. His visit to the Tonight Show also included a truly hilarious game show challenge, wherein Tony, Jimmy Fallon, and actress Sienna Miller sampled four normal-looking dishes made with revolting secret ingredients. Here are all three clips:

The Secret Ingredient Challenge

Tony almost loses it when he samples the Oreo-crusted catfish. Sienna Miller is arguably the best of all three contestants.

Bourdain on His Adventures With Eric Ripert

“We get to do a buddy picture once a year where we torture each other,” Bourdain says. This year, the guys went to the Alps, where Eric Ripert bet him a thousand bucks that he couldn’t milk a cow. “For a thousand dollars, I’m damn sure getting some milk out of that thing,” Tony quips.

Bourdain on Jeremiah Tower and The Last Magnificent

And here’s Bourdain talking about how Jeremiah Tower influenced chefs all across America: “He made life better for all of us. He added some glamour to the profession. He changed the way we ate. He almost single handedly created the whole idea that American ingredients attributed to regions of America were something that were desirable rather than dishes with French names.” Stay tuned for a clip from The Last Magnificent later today.

In other Bourdain news, the author/TV host recently offered his take on the popular, but flawed World’s 50 Best List: “Everybody is playing along because nobody wants the party to stop... A lot of people benefit from it, but I think most of the chefs on it know it’s bullshit.” And finally, Tony finally admits that he’s a fan of the ever-trendy summertime refreshment known as rosé: “I was like, hiding my head in shame. ‘Alright, I know, I know, give me some Hamptons juice,’” he tells Refinery 29. “Why deny yourself a good thing? It’s summer, give in.”

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