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This $400 Juicer Has One Big Flaw

Plus, all the other food news to know today

Photo: Juicero/Facebook

• Juicero, a Very Fancy juicing start-up that collected more than $120 million in funding, has one big issue, as Bloomberg has discovered: Consumers don’t actually need to purchase the $400 machine in order to drink the Very Fancy juice packs that Juicero sells. The brand’s proprietary “produce packs,” which retail for $5-8 each, can be squeezed by hand nearly as efficiently as when a drinker uses the machine, which itself dropped its price from $700 to $400 earlier this year. As Bloomberg notes, “Built on the promise of technology, Juicero was among the top-funded U.S. hardware startups in 2016” — turns out, the hardware was totally not necessary. Watch the machine in action below:

• Life as a New York City street food vendor is a grind, and the New York Times captures this beautifully by following the daily routine of one man, Kabir Ahmed, whose cart offers more than 20 cooked-to-order menu items to crowds in NYC’s Financial District. Food for thought: “On a good day, after paying the driver and the garage, and splitting the cash proceeds with his colleagues, Mr. Ahmed earns about $125,” a sum that reflects a 6 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. work day.

• Mario Batali’s Italian food emporium Eataly is among the private Italian companies that are helping to preserve Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper (yep, the real, OG painting).

• Congrats, Toronto: You’re getting a Taco Bell that serves booze.

• Comedian Shantira Jackson is just dropping some real truths: