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Watch Stephen Colbert Rip Into Trump’s Chocolate Cake Diplomacy

Colbert puts the POTUS on blast

[Late Show/CBS]

The Late Show was on vacation last week when President Donald Trump bragged about launching a missile strike on a Syrian air base while he was eating “the most beautiful chocolate cake in the world” with Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago. But now Stephen Colbert is making up for lost time with this hilarious monologue bit about the cake incident. Colbert quips: “What's the proper wine pairing with a cruise missile? A merlot? Or something more dessert-y, like a sauterne? What are we talking about again? War?”

Colbert jokes: “Classic war story, reminds me of Winston Churchill’s famous address to the British people.”

[CBS/Late Show]

The A.V. Club tracked down that Mar-A-Lago chocolate cake and, as President Trump indicates with his hands in that Fox News clip, it is indeed very tall.

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