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Chipotle Ups Prices in 20 Percent of Its Stores

Plus, all the food news to know today

Chipotle burrito Photo: Eric/Flickr

• Burritos are getting more expensive at some Chipotle locations. As Fortune reports, the fast-casual chain has raised prices by 5 percent at nearly one-fifth of its stores. “There may be some additional markets that will see price increases before the end of the year, but this was never intended to be a system wide increase,” a Chipotle spokesperson tells Eater. “If you see any additional increases, it will be in similar pattern as this, with increases only in select markets.”

• As the United Kingdom tackles with the repercussions of Brexit, which will rescind the UK’s membership from the European Union, one lawmaker has a plan that might counter the labor shortages that occur with tighter immigration policies. Home Secretary Amber Rudd is proposing a “barista visa” for restaurant industry workers, giving them permission to work in the UK in the hospitality industry for two years.

The New Yorker’s annual food and travel issue just dropped, and as per usual, intriguing stories await: “America’s Most Political Food,” by Lauren Collins, investigates how the Maurice’s Piggie Park barbecue chain wrestles with its former owner’s white supremacist history; “The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Edibles,” by Lizzie Widdicombe, profiles food writer/Oregon weed evangelist Laurie Wolf.

• Al Golin, the public relations guru credited with making McDonald’s a household name, has died at the age of 87. Among other branding accomplishments for McD’s, Golin coined the phrase “Hamburger University,” sexing up the fast-food chain’s in-house training program.

• TIL that shouty chef Gordon Ramsay has a giant poster of Cindy Crawford in his house.

• Here’s a fun look at that Italian bank that takes cheese as collateral for loans:

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