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Twitter Is Blowing Up Over This Toronto Restaurant Review

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Plus, all the food news to know today

Photo: Jenna Marie Wakani/Eater

• Canadian restaurant Twitter is blowing up this morning over a cringe-worthy review in Toronto Life magazine for the anticipated restaurant Grey Gardens, which opened in February. In the review, critic Mark Pupo placed much of his attention on restaurant owner Jen Agg’s personality and social media presence [disclosure: Agg has contributed to] as he did his dining experience, concluding with the following line: “I couldn’t figure out why I felt so stress-free at Grey Gardens during those first visits. Then I discovered, checking Twitter, that Agg was thousands of kilometres away, on a Caribbean beach with her husband.” Agg fired back on Twitter, where the discussion (and emoji-slinging) continues: “Wow people really proving that as a woman you will NEVER BE JUDGED JUST FOR YOUR WORK,” she wrote. “It’s shameful.”

• While some 16-year-old kid in Nevada is close to making Twitter history with his Wendy’s-baiting request for chicken nuggets, current Twitter record-holder Ellen DeGeneres isn’t taking the threat lying down. The talk show host, whose 2014 Oscars selfie is the most retweeted item in history, at 3.2 million RTs, wants Carter Wilkerson’s quest to 18 million RTs to benefit her, too — asking all of those who are helping Wilkerson earn his free year of chicken nuggets to give her some love, as well.

• Japanese residents have now taken to hoarding bags of potato chips after Calbee, a major chip manufacturer, announced the temporary discontinuation of some varieties. The move is in response to a country-wide potato shortage; as Bloomberg reports, some particularly coveted Calbee flavors are selling for $12 each on internet auction sites.

• Carl’s Jr. wants in on McRib fervor: The brand will soon launch a Baby Back Rib Burger that it advertises as “real, boneless, baby back ribs” — a clear knock on the frozen-patty-thing that McDonald’s features in its cultishly beloved sandwich.

• Of course Martha Stewart is really good at Easter decorating; she’s pretty good at almost everything.

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