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Watch: Tasting Fresh Oysters and Braised Lamb in Baja Wine Country

The final episode of “Open Road” ends the trip in the Guadalupe Valley

In this episode of Open Road, Bricia and Fernando Lopez head to Mexico’s wine country to sample the high-end fare at Corazón de Tierra. According to chef Diego Hernández-Baquedano, to understand the flavors of Baja, you have to eat local: His restaurant focuses on foods that show off the region’s diversity, and the menu changes daily. And the customer experience is so important to Hernández-Baquedano that he keeps track of what each diner eats. If they come back, he is careful not to serve them something similar.

The Lopez siblings were both impressed with the light and delicate cuisine, and noted that it’s a departure from what many people expect when they think of Mexican food. Fernando points out, “Mexican food can be a lot of things. It can be a deep-fried lobster, or it can be this really fresh, really beautiful salad.”

To hear more about the beautiful meal at Corazón de Tierra, watch the video above. For a look at Mexican food, from empanadas to the freshest seafood, watch the entire Open Road series by clicking the link below.

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