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Listen to José Andrés Rap About Trump and Immigration Reform

Mic, dropped

[Getty/ John Parra]

Less than a week after settling a lawsuit with the President of the United States over a D.C. hotel-restaurant deal, chef José Andrés is back to focusing on one of the issues that matters most to him: immigration reform. The superstar Spanish-born chef’s latest attempt to influence Trump and his political allies comes in the form of a heavily-autotuned rap song that Andrés recorded himself using Smule, which begins: “Hello Mr. President, hello. Are you ready to pass, finally, immigration reform?” Please take a minute to hear José rocking the mic:

Here’s the main verse:

America wants you to pass immigration reform
To take care of every single man living in American soil
Every single woman contributing to bring food to your plate
Every single person who works hard under the American sky
As Americans, we are one

Andrés also asked his pals Anthony Bourdain, Tom Colicchio, and Eric Ripert to record similar rap songs to influence the POTUS, but so far nobody’s biting. In a recent interview with the Eater Upsell, Andrés remarked: “I do believe that immigration reform is not a problem for us to solve, but it’s an opportunity for us to seize. I do believe America will be stronger bringing those 11 million back from the shadows.”

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